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A NEW MOTHER secretly bites her baby until the compulsion ruins her.

AN ABANDONED ANGEL eats the trash of a small Ohio town.

A SOCIAL OUTCAST spies on her neighbor's morphing body for a secret agency bent on skullduggery.

A SCIENTIST suffers horrible mutations to care for a radioactive orphan.

A HOPEFUL COLLEGE GRADUATE labors in an underground bunker scrubbing a giant.

In these twelve weird stories, human bodies are morphed, warped, and withered. Through love, desolation, or entropy. Through motherhood, childhood, or disease. The settings for these stories of painful transformation are often the huddled corners of the uncanny Midwest, but the changes are always happening on the body in pain.

OH PAIN is a collection of humor and despair from the author of the cosmic horror novella THE NOTHING THAT IS.

“Winkler serves up Midwest weirdness and body horror unlike any I’ve encountered before. His characters, crafted with wit and compassion, lead fully dimensional lives on the page. There’s no denying that OH PAIN is an absolute pleasure.”

— Eric Raglin, author of Nightmare Yearnings and host of The Cursed Morsels Podcast

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It's 1986. Cade McCall is an assistant manager for a catering business. Driving to work one morning, part of the local graveyard explodes. Later the same day, Cade gets an odd message from a client who needs catering for an Extreme Food Club. He calls himself Mr. Dinosaur. And he’s paying $11,000. Despite Cade’s reservations, he takes the gig. Although, who’s feeding whom is another question entirely...

Involving female biker gangs, cults, possessed furniture, and a full dose of cosmic horror, THE NOTHING THAT IS serves up the weird.

“Infused with cosmic, culinary dread and seasoned with dark humor, The Nothing That Is reads like Anthony Bourdain riffing on Lovecraft. Winkler’s engaging style and hypnotic prose will consume you whole, and if that doesn’t whet your appetite, there’s an exploding graveyard. Eat this one up, my friends, before it eats you!

— Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Kin & Sour Candy

“Wild, fast-moving, and disorientingly hilarious…The Nothing That Is is down to earth and completely unhinged. It also gave me a jolt of sickening, infinite horror I hadn’t felt since the Vermicious Knids jumped out of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.”

— Ben Loory, author of Tales of Falling and Flying

Academic Work

Composition Forum. “The Use of Artistic Tools in Composition Pedagogy.”

Rhetoric Review. “How to Do Things with Incoherence.” (Co-written with Peter Wayne Moe)

Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal. “The World Made More Sufferable.”

Critical Quarterly. “Syntax as Punishment: Joy Williams’s Reckonings.”

Midwest Quarterly. “Avoiding Verbal Solutions: On Troping, Rhetoric, and Student Writing.” (forthcoming April 2022)


I was recently named by Michael J. Seidlinger as one of 8 emerging horror authors changing the face of the horror genre by The Lineup Magazine. Read more here.

Selected Fiction

Coffin Bell. “Homebody.”

Novel Noctule. “The Clutter Fold.”

Night Terrors, Vol. 12. Scare Street. “Smudge the Head.”

Ghost Orchid Press Anthology: HOME. “How to Build a Ghost.”

Annalemma. “Nutrition.”*

The Rupture. “The Memo” & “The Avalanche.”

Conjunctions. “Bite.”

Conjunctions. “Teratology.”
Super Arrow. “Every Day You’ll Get Up and Go to Work.”

Selected Essays

Horror Oasis. “What Beetlejuice Taught Me about Horror.”

The Rumpus. “The Joypain of Parenting: a Review of Lydia Kiesling’s The Golden State.”

The Millions. “Ursula K. Le Guin’s Warning: Sci-Fi as Operating Instructions for Life.”

The Millions. “Notes on the Art of Rhetoric.”

The Millions. “Gertrude Stein, Unlikely Comp Teacher.”

Selected Interviews

The Millions. “I’m Suspicious of Empathy: The Millions Interviews Jess Row.”

*(Nominated for Wigleaf Top 50 2012)

“I understand a fury in your words but not the words.” Desdemona (Othello 4.2.32-33)